education maineducation in africa by africanhelp d8nxaj3Chair  - Heather Findlay, Co-chair - Adanne Nduaka

The committee is co-chaired by Heather Findlay & Adanne Nduaka.  NEF has agreements with institutes of higher learning in Africa to develop student internship programs in the field of toxicology. The overall goal/purpose of the Toxicology Internship Program is to help provide opportunities to minority students such that they can pursue graduate education in biomedical sciences pertinent to toxicology.  One means of obtaining this goal will be to provide financial support to undergraduate minority science majors and a means to gain experience in the biomedical research in pharmaceutical industries through internship. It is our hope that the experience these students will have will inspire them to pursue careers in research and development.

This is a three-month internship for students from several countries in Africa, at the National Veterinary Research Institute (NVRI), Nigeria. Interns are paired with mentor professors, and are taught how to plan, design and run toxicology studies. The importance of toxicology in drug development is emphasized. The pilot program was started with 2 students in the summer of 2003. The program was well received and students benefited from the experience. To date, dozens of students from several countries in Africa have been trained. 

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