nigerniameyChair  - Dave Douglas

The committee is chaired by Dave Douglas . NEF believes that a strong primary education creates a solid foundation

 for future learning and is also a leading indicator of the likelihood that a child will lead a productive life as an adult.  Based on substantial research, two of the most compelling areas for investment in primary education in Africa are “Student Health” and “Temporary Hunger”.  A child’s health directly impacts his/her ability to learn.  The combination of infections (such as helminthic infections) and micronutrient deficiencies (primarily Iodine, Iron, and Vitamin A) results in a significant impediment to a child’s school attendance, concentration, and cognitive development.  Temporary hunger, which is widespread in developing countries, leads to poor concentration and difficulty in performing complex tasks.  Addressing both of these issues (i.e., student health and temporary hunger) has the potential to significantly impact education outcomes and student attendance in a cost-effective manner

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